Garage Conversion Experts

A garage conversion can add value to your property as well as creating an additional living space for your home. There are a number of benefits in choosing a garage conversion as a way to extend your home.

Everyone needs to feel they have a space to grow as an individual while playing together as a group. One Package, One Price, One Great Deal! From Just £4,995.
Create a space for living not just existing. A home is about keeping the family together in an envoirnment to thrive in. Give Mum or Dad the space they created for you!
Finding it a drag getting ready for work everyday? We'll you can now go to sort out your business from the comfort of home. This is how your boss plans your day from home.

We will turn your Garage into a living space

Affordable safe secure caring, Sunday roast to Christmas dinner you now have the space to to bring
everyone together reflect on our lives and enjoy the Good times!

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No Hard Sell, No Salesmen, No Hastle

One Package


Are mygarageconversion tradesmen the right people for the job? With over 20 years in the building profession our builders are some of the best in Scotland.

One price


How long will mygaragecoversion take to complete? Your garage conversion will be complete within 7 days, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

One Great Deal


One of our core values is trust! this is why for the duration of your garage conversion you will be allocated one contact at the start of the build and this team member will be the last person to leave on completion.